The National Genomics Infrastructure - Uppsala (NGI) hosted by SciLifeLab invites you to join a two-day event dedicated to long-read sequencing applications.


Aim of this event: to provide information about state-of-the-art PacBio, 10x Genomics and Oxford Nanopore applications, as well to inspire the scientific community to apply advances of long-read technologies in research.


Target group: anyone interested in long-read sequencing technology is welcome. We hope that this event will provide useful information to a broad community, from savvy users to beginners and everybody else who would just like to get more information about this sequencing type.


Day 1 is the scientific symposium. A tentative program is available here. The NGI will share its experience with long-read sequencing technologies. You will also hear about the latest news from the vendor representatives. We will offer an array of inspiring presentations by researchers from different fields of biology and medical sciences who are using long-read sequencing to answer their scientific questions.


Day 2 will consist of interactive workshops on different long-read applications, which will cover experimental design, sample preparation, basic bioinformatics and possibilities for tertiary analysis. Kindly fill in the registration form (see button on top of the page) to make sure that the application that you are most interested in is covered. Due to limited space on Day 2, registrations will be approved on first come - first served basis.


There will be time slots allocated for individual project discussions with NGI and company specialists during both days.


Registration is needed to attend and it is also binding


Important dates

February 5: Registration opens

March 22: Application deadline.

March 27: Final program and additional information is sent to registered participants.

April 3: Registration, symposium and informal mingle.

April 4: Application workshops and projects discussions.


Long-Read Sequencing